Case Studies

Case Study One: Personal Development

‘I was half way through a 3 year golden handcuff period.  It was quite a difficult time especially as I was watching the business I had built up from scratch be affected by the new owners and the recession. I had come across an Equine Guided Education programme in  Canada and subsequently in the UK and decided to participate in order to help me through this big life change. Within one hour of being with the horse I had selected to work with, I had gained such clarity and insight about my work/ life situation that I returned to the office with a very clear and defined plan which I have subsequently put in place to great effect. The horses are not ‘trained to perform’. They respond immediately to your true emotions, hopes, fears of the moment and see right to your inner core. The experience can be very emotional, but it helped me understand how to move forward and put in place a succession strategy for the company and improve my work life balance’.

Case Study Two: The Family Workshop

Mr and Mrs X came to a one day workshop with their two children age H age 11 and  J age15. J, the 15 year old son has aspergers and  had been recommended to attend through the local school’s Learning Support Group. The workshop was also attended by of another family with children of a similar age, therefore enabling a relaxed mix of adults and children who did not know each other. One of the early exercises required J to put his trust in a total stranger and he was clearly reluctant, at first, to participate. However he did take part and throughout the day, he built a bond with one of the horses and engaged with the group throughout.  At the end of the day his feedback and major ‘moment of learning’ was ‘Trusting each other’